1 - What are the advantages of SITINPOOL compactable (EZCOMPACK SYSTEM)?

The Sitinpool compactable features the patented SYSTEM EZCOMPACK system that allows you to compact your Sitinpool with a simple vacuum cleaner, so you have more storage problem for the winter.

Trim polyester fiber and memory foam guarantees a comfort much mellower.

2 - I tore the net containing polystyrene beads. Was it possible to replace it?

We can send you a PVC cover that simply replace your net containing polystyrene beads of your SITINPOOL.

You simply "transferring" the polystyrene beads of the net in the PVC cover with such a plastic water bottle that you have previously cut in order to use it as a funnel.

3 - How to clean stains on my SITINPOOL?

If your Sitinpool has been stored too long in a damp environment or, for example, remained too long in one place on the beach of your pool, tasks may appear on the outer cover color.

Just simply to remove the impurities that are housed in the fabric, clean the cover of your SITINPOOL with a cleaner bathroom joint, for example STARWAX brand you can buy in stores DIY.

Or apply in the same way our own SITINCLEAN product we are at your disposal and available on our website under Accessories.

4 - I tore my outer cover color, is it possible to exchange it?

If the tear is within the scope of our guarantees, that is to say, if your SITINPOOL less than one year and if the tear is located at the seams and stitch (see instructions), you must declare the SAV by filling our form (we can send you on request) and attach 3 photos minimum.
After receiving and recording your service, we will contact you.

5 - Is it possible to repair the PVC inner cover?

The inner cover is made of PVC, so you can fix it with a pool liner repair glue.

6 - My Sitinpool containing polystyrene beads was packed! Can I supplement with an additional ball?

You can order a refill on our site worthwhile for our cushions Sitinpool ball bearings, Sitinbag, Sitinchair Cube.

If you do not find the answer to your question in this list, please send us an email via our contact form.